Welcome to SURGE! This phase is all about the burn. Not only will this phase test your endurance limits, and hit the core in every way (your core may actually hurt every day for the first week), but it will burnnnn, giving your metabolism a crazy surge.


SURGE is a 4-week endurance plan intended for enhancing the endurance of your muscles, allowing you to be able to lift heavier in other phases.  Without proper endurance of smaller muscles, larger muscles will fail and not be able to perform at their peak.

In this Program You Will Discover...

  • 3, 4,or 5 day split options
  • Recommended equipment list
  • Links for videos of all exercises
  • Due to the endurance/metabolic resistance training aspect of this workout, extra cardio is not needed
  • Several supersets will quickly fatigue the muscles, getting you in and out of the gym quickly.
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